Monday, April 30, 2007

Bright and Happy Felted Bag

Angela’s had a tough year. So, when I realized that I was going to make her a felted bag for her belated birthday gift, I picked the brightest and most obnoxiously yarns and add-ins I could combine so that, no matter how dark her mood, the bag’s colors would perk up the most cloudy day. I really hope she likes it!

I can’t remember how many I cast on, I think 38. Then I knit about 30 rows, give or take. With these bags, I just keep knitting until I feel the urge to change things up a bit!

Bottom stripe: Cascade sapphire heather (9456) with Cascade Alma Cajun Spice (330) add in yarn which I knit until the novelty yarn ran out and switched.

Middle stripe: Cascade goldenrod (7827) with Trendsetter Joyspring (1194) which I, again, knit until the add in yarn ran out.

Top stripe: Cascade violet (7809) with Trendsetter Shadow Metal purple passion (70 .

I did the violet yarn in an I-cord for the handle. The finished bag (before felting) was 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall.