Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Florida Gator Felted Bag

My pal Heather needed this. She’s a Florida grad and though my allegiances lie elsewhere, I wanted to make her something fun she’d really be able to show off!


I used Cascade yarn in colors 7818 and 9441 and added in Gedifra Serano novelty yarn in color 4422.

Cast on 36 and knit 30 rows. I made the bottom of the bag orange then started making stripes 4 rows wide using the add-in yarn on the orange stripes. When finished, the bag was 13″ wide and 9″ tall. After felting, it was 10 1/2″ wide and 6 1/2″ tall.

I got Florida Gator novelty fabric to line the inside of the bag. To complete this obnoxiously bright felted bag masterpiece I added orange handles and big gator GREEN buttons!

I hope Heather likes it a lot, she sure is a great pal to have!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Floral Photography

Imagine what I could do if only I had a macro lens.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kid Sushi

I got this idea at some website online and can’t remember where I saw it, if anyone else saw it I will certainly link the originator to give them credit.

That being said, I think this is cute as all get out and the SUGAR RUSH!!!

Kiddie Sushi



Green fruit roll ups

Dried mango bits (to put on top to give it that authentic sushi “look”)


Do I really need to put directions? You can see from the picture kind of how it goes, slice it up, wrap the fruit roll up around and you’re done! I made these for the last day at Emersyn’s school and the kids sucked ‘em down!

For another creative snack to take to your child’s school, don’t forget my “hamburgers”!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Teacher Gifts

I try to make and give things to my kids’ teachers all year round. Nothing extravagent or pricey, but something that I go buy a few supplies, give a little of my time and badda boom, badda bing, I’ve got something heartfelt that the kids can take to say “thank you” to those special teachers for making a difference in their lives.

Here was one of the things I did this year, I got plain old clay flower pots and painted them in various designs in our school colors and painted their names on with paint pens. It took me a couple hours to do several, getting a couple coats of paint on, then I got some nice little flowers to put in them. All the teachers loved them! I may do this again for some other small gifts to give somebody special, it was fun to do.