Friday, November 17, 2006

Notre Dame Scarf

Another day, another scarf. I am working on a ton of felted bags though, so I’ll post those, they’re coming out fantastic!

So, if you read my “regular” blog, you’ll know we are Notre Dame season ticket holders and make many weekend pilgrimages during the fall months to games.

We also stay with our very dear friends who live there (and are cheering on game day as well) and I like to make them my guinea pigs for some of my creations.

They have a 12-year old daughter who is not a girly girl, but she is a huge Irish fan. So, I told her mom I’d make her an awesome, not girly, scarf to wear to Notre Dame games. And I got it done this week to have hubby take to the last home game this season against Army and give to Brookie.

Notre Dame scarf pattern (such as it is):

size 17 needles

Cast on 9

Yarn used: Rowan Lurex shimmer (made in the UK) this gold yarn is supposed to replicate the Gold Dome. The blue yarn is schoeller/stahl Portofino Souffle in color 4719 marine (made in Germany).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Preschool Snack

Sammie had to take snack for preschool today. And, yes, I like to try and have “made” stuff rather than store-bought if I have the time. And, I also like to make things where she can help, because she is becoming very interested in helping in the kitchen, as the boys were also at her age.

Mini-Hamburgers (total sugar, preschoolers love them!)

Thin Mints

Nilla wafers


white frosting

Using green food coloring, color the coconut green. This is the “lettuce”. Using red food coloring, color the frosting red, this is the “ketchup”. Put frosting on bottom Nilla wafer (bun), secure thin mint (hamburger patty), put frosting on top of thin mint, sprinkle with coconut, place Nilla wafter on top. Mini-hamburger!

We usually make a few per child and put them in snack size ziploc bags so each kid gets their own bag and the “hamburgers” stay together until eating time!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scrapbooking On Empty

Had an all-day crop on Saturday at church, fundraiser for our youth group. And normally, I look forward to having 12 hours of solid scrapping time. But, I wasn’t “feelin” it, my brain and creative juices were NOT in scrapbooking mode I guess. You know how you have to have that switch turned on in your brain to get some good layouts going on? I just couldn’t find that switch yesterday I guess. So, even with the shame I feel at how poorly these layouts came out, I’m posting a few of them anyway. Because, for better or worse, those things are now DONE. Finished. I scrapbook all hubby’s fire department stuff and it gets very repetitive, so you’ll have to assume I’ve done much more creative layouts in his previous scrapbooks.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Scarf for Kim

My friend Kim (of which I have many Kims in my life for some crazy reason) is a fabulous gal. And her birthday is the day before Thanksgiving, at which time, I will not see her. But I do have time to get together for lunch with her this week and wanted to give her her birthday present early.

Her favorite colors are lime green and pink. So, while this scarf may not be your cup of tea, it is totally up her alley and she will love it. I will have to try to remember my camera to take a picture of her wearing it.

I used 17 needles and cast on 10.

My yarn selections were Crystal Palace Squiggle Yarn Tulips and Cascade Yarn Venezia in color 115. These yarns were very easy to work with and I finished this scarf in record time. It was fast.