Friday, November 17, 2006

Notre Dame Scarf

Another day, another scarf. I am working on a ton of felted bags though, so I’ll post those, they’re coming out fantastic!

So, if you read my “regular” blog, you’ll know we are Notre Dame season ticket holders and make many weekend pilgrimages during the fall months to games.

We also stay with our very dear friends who live there (and are cheering on game day as well) and I like to make them my guinea pigs for some of my creations.

They have a 12-year old daughter who is not a girly girl, but she is a huge Irish fan. So, I told her mom I’d make her an awesome, not girly, scarf to wear to Notre Dame games. And I got it done this week to have hubby take to the last home game this season against Army and give to Brookie.

Notre Dame scarf pattern (such as it is):

size 17 needles

Cast on 9

Yarn used: Rowan Lurex shimmer (made in the UK) this gold yarn is supposed to replicate the Gold Dome. The blue yarn is schoeller/stahl Portofino Souffle in color 4719 marine (made in Germany).

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The Mountain Cat said...

A lot of guys wear that type of scarf in the East Village. LOL