Saturday, December 2, 2006

Felted Bag # 1

I’m making six felted bags for Christmas gifts, and if I manage to finish up the last one, I’ll try to make each of my boys a scarf in their school colors (or something NOT girly, because that would NOT be cool).

Anyway, here is the first bag I got done. With before felting and after felting photos. I may put a button on it, haven’t decided yet.


Cast on 36. Knit 16 rows. After I began the sides, knitting in the round, I knit 4 rows of Cascade black before I began adding Trendsetter Yarn Sorbet color 1027 every other row, then finished with 6 more rows of just the black. I made an I-cord 40″ long for the handle and the purse itself was 14″ wide and 10″ tall before felting. After felting, the bag was 10″ wide and 6″ tall. It turned out great and will be perfect for my sister-in-law who is not flashy or extroverted, she likes things simple and this bag is just that.

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