Friday, December 22, 2006

Vicky's Felted Bag

This bag I made for my stepmom. She likes pink and black and I decided to jump into the wide world of lining the bags, hadn’t done that before. The first one turned out OK and I made a couple of mistakes, but this one went great and I think the lining looks fantastic!

I used Cascade yarn in Black and added in Trendsetter yarn in Sorbet (12) and I added some eyelashy stuff at the top. If I can find my “pattern” around here somewhere, I’ll post the dimensions later. I bought handles to put on instead of doing the I-cord. It turned out great and I think the second best of all the felted bags I made for Christmas gifts.

I found my notes. Before washing (which is all I wrote down, ugh!) it was 16″ across the bottom, 10″ high, 13″ across the top. I knit the Trendsetter thru the whole bag then the eyelashy stuff is the top 3″.

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