Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Preschool Snack

Sammie had to take snack for preschool today. And, yes, I like to try and have “made” stuff rather than store-bought if I have the time. And, I also like to make things where she can help, because she is becoming very interested in helping in the kitchen, as the boys were also at her age.

Mini-Hamburgers (total sugar, preschoolers love them!)

Thin Mints

Nilla wafers


white frosting

Using green food coloring, color the coconut green. This is the “lettuce”. Using red food coloring, color the frosting red, this is the “ketchup”. Put frosting on bottom Nilla wafer (bun), secure thin mint (hamburger patty), put frosting on top of thin mint, sprinkle with coconut, place Nilla wafter on top. Mini-hamburger!

We usually make a few per child and put them in snack size ziploc bags so each kid gets their own bag and the “hamburgers” stay together until eating time!

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