Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look at My Clematis and Schtuff

Even though everything is dying now, I have to show you. I have two lantern poles, one in my front yard and one in the back. The one in the front yard I planted a bright purple clematis vine and this year it finally got bigger and leafier and produced multiple blooms. Up until this year, it never got very tall or had a lot of blooms going on. Is that purple gorgeous, or what?

In the back, I planted morning glory seeds and have only had mediocre luck. One time just when the vine was getting wound up to the top and starting to produce blooms, hubby whacked off the whole thing by the roots and that was the end of that. All that time and waiting…nuttin. This year, I waited, and waited. Finally, some activity started up the post and it got very green, no blooms even happened until almost September. But, wow, this sucker got really big and full. It was fun to watch. And, you can’t see the light under there anymore, it swallowed up that whole post.

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