Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photoshoppin': Diffuse Glow

One of my big goals is to learn to do more with my camera (a Canon Rebel SLR) which I love even with the, like, two things I know how to do with it besides point and shoot.
Another goal is to do cool stuff with my photos on Photoshop.

So, the light outside the other night was really great and the girls looked a little rumpled but very cute even after a grueling (ha!) day at school, so since they are my only two willing photography subjects, we did a few shots and then I played with them in Photoshop and wanted to share a "new to me" option I found while fiddling.

Here is Sammie's photo SOOC (straight out of camera):

And here is the photo after I brightened it up a bit then used the "Diffuse Glow" option in Photoshop. I love the effect!

Same with Emersyn, SOOC:

Then, with "Diffuse Glow":

How about you, any favorite Photoshop tricks you like?


fermicat said...

I had just learned some complicated photoshop tricks after getting PS Elements for my birthday, but I promptly forgot it all when I stopped photoshopping and started studying for the board exam. I'm looking forward to getting back to it!

Favorite tricks? I really like the Orton effect.

Tiff said...

My favorite new thing is an add on. It's AV Brothers Page Curl! I love curling my photos. It's too cool!