Saturday, January 6, 2007

And So It Begins...

You know you’ve “arrived” when someone wants to pay you for doing your hobbies.

About a year ago, I made $250 making a “fill in the photos” scrapbook of baby firsts for a grandma to give her son and daughter-in-law for their new baby. Woot! Gotta love that.

Then, since I’ve been the felted bag factory as of late, a friend of mine was like, “Do you make those for people?” I made a deal with her, if she bought all the stuff for her felted bag, I’d knit it for her. So, last Saturday she and I went down to the yarn place and I helped her pick out the supplies. She had a headache when we left from all the choices one has to make. Did she want me to make her I-cord handles or did she want to buy handles? Did she need a snap? Did she want me to line it? The stuff she picked was gorgeous and very expensive, good thing she was financing this project!

I got the body of the bag finished last night and washed it, it’s now stretched over a shoebox and I’ll line it later today and attach the handles and snap tomorrow.

Will post the finished product when I’m done and maybe even a photo of the felted bag with its new owner, I hope she likes it!

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