Saturday, February 24, 2007

School Spirit Scarf

Since we were having so many weeks of “yummy” temperatures hovering around zero, it seemed, more than ever, a great time to churn out more scarves!

And, when there’s a special occasion or major or even minor holiday…well, I’m just a “giver” people, so I thought, hey, nothing says Valentines more than, um, orange and black????

Our school colors are orange or black, so I made four scarves for some of the teachers (not all, just picked a few to get some “extra” loot aside from the small heart full of chocolates I sent) between the four kids, they have sixteen teachers, people they take lessons from, etc…not including the 2-3 Sunday School teachers apiece either. Phew!

Therefore, I made two scarves for the two teachers at preschool where Em just started attending since we missed Christmas. I also made one for Zach’s 2nd grade teacher and Sammie’s swim lesson teacher because I knew they’d love the scarves and they really go above and beyond with my kids and what they do.

School Spirit Scarf - turned out big, chunky, squishy and soft…loved it!

Size 19 needles

Yarn used: Plymouth Encore Chunky color 217 (black) and Gedifra Serano color 4422 (dark orange)

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