Thursday, February 15, 2007

Em's Birthday

Remember way back when at the first of the year when I had resolutions about my hobbies? I have really been working on those. One of them was to make elaborate birthday cakes for the kids. And while I didn’t make an “elaborate” birthday cake for Emersyn’s birthday, I did try using some “professional” techniques and do some things I hadn’t tried before…by the last one’s birthday, perhaps I’ll be getting pretty good! But, she enjoyed it nonetheless, read over here from a post at my other blog about a tribute to my littlest tot. She’s such a good girl! Happy 3rd birthday Emersyn!

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aahcoffee said...

I too make my kid's their birthday cakes. They aren't spectacular, but I figure that by the time they're 18 I'll have it mastered. And I love your daughter's name!